About this project

ClanHouse is designed to be placed for players, clans, and communities when these people can have a great time and what they love most – gaming.


This project was founded back in September 2014 when today’s owner (let’s call him Mike) was not able to find a server with good performance and good community for his friend. So then become an idea, start the project where all people can meet in the same place to talk and play with old gaming pals or to meet new people for future gaming or friendship. So Mike started to work on his own, he starts to bring new server machine to serve his needs with great Linux system and started creating a project of team communication, all kinds of hosting and ClanHouse was finally here.

What we’ve done in history

ClanHouse was, as is written above, was started as hosting program with a lot of stuff running on like voice servers, web pages and gaming servers for most played games. 2014 – In this year we was hosting almost 6 gaming servers for most played games on steam which was almost full of 30 slots! ClanHouse also hosted a Teamspeak communication server for our old partner CzechEsport.eu which was again almost full every time (god damn we did not get NPL). And there were 3 web services running this time. This was in our opinion best times of ClanHouse… for now 2015 – At the start of the year the TeamSpeak service for our partner was canceled for certain reasons so the official ClanHouse Teamspeak server was made. Our web hosting services were rapidly increasing and ClanHouse was successfully hosting over 10 websites, for example, Czech anime translating group Teigukitty and 2 clan websites. The gaming servers, unfortunately, were closed because of admin inactivity and steam updates problems for Linux platform causing a major problem at least for a week. Admin team was also weak because a lot of admins left their position or was inactive for too long. From autumn was server in this stance and no new project came out and our progress froze like our webpage what was unavailable for renovation (where actually was not time to work on it) 2016 – This year is the year of silent – ClanHouse had their TeamSpeak and web services still running but until autumn this year any new project came. Our servers were running still same every day 24/7. The TeamSpeak server gets lot of improvements over time but our page was still unavailable. We are slightly getting back to finally DO something for our project and become big hosting provider again! This year we’ll get a new logo, web page and all new look for sure! MIKE MUST DO IT! 2017 – I’m lazy to write all of this – Mike 🙂